SGABF is accepting submissions to the SG Art Book Library, a catalogue of published print materials that explore the creative possibilities of art book publishing to generate meaningful discourse. The Library believes in the importance of representing the diversity of our community, capturing the energy, vision, and voices of artists and practitioners.

Our collection prioritises art books that focus on sociopolitical concerns in Singapore and around the world—gender inequality, racial discrimination, human rights, LGBTQ+ issues, political activism, intersectional feminism, economic and environment struggles, and many more. We want to provide a safe, accessible space for art books that might not otherwise find their way into institutional collections.

Existing as a virtual space below, and occupying various physical spaces in Singapore over the course of the year, the Library is free and available for all to browse.

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Black fly ZINE

Year Unknown
BLACK FLY is an independent collective anthology of experience, humour, rage, pain, knowledge and power from the POC community. This book is where sexual health and race meet; vulnerable and raw at points, but also unflinching in its understanding of what our bodies experience.

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If in fact there is a context

by Lawrence Weiner

Published by Hatje Cantz

Year Unknown
For this series, artist Lawrence Weiner has made an artist’s book in exactly the same format and with the same number of pages as his first contribution to documenta 5 in 1972, curated by Harald Szeemann. The partly handwritten instructions, statements, definitions, poems, and pictograms give an insight into his artistic practice and—as eloquently as poetically—transfer his ideas around dOCUMENTA (13) into language. A central figure in Conceptual art from its beginnings, Weiner works in a wide variety of media including video, books, performance, and installation.

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