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Rinko Kawauchi

Published by Aperture Foundation, 2013
Ametsuchi is comprised of two Japanese characters — heaven and earth. It is taken from the title of one of the oldest pangrams in Japanese — a chant in which each character of the Japanese syllabary is used. Photographer Rinko Kawauchi brings together images of distant constellations and tiny figures lost within landscapes, as well as photographs of a traditional style of controlled-burn farming in which the cycles of cultivation and recovery span decades and generations. Punctuating the series are images of Buddhist rituals and other religious ceremonies — a suggestion of other means by which humankind has traditionally attempted to transcend time and memory.


Vanessa Ban

Click Candy reimagines clickbait advertisements without their sex objects. Rather than parody or perform the strategies of clickbait, the work presents an alternative to conventional contemporary art strategies of critiquing the spectacle-driven consumption that underlines information and capital flows on the web, and what is left behind when the clickbait object is consumed.


Chua Chye Teck

Published by Epigram Books, 2016
Photographer Chua Chye Teck explores the fast-disappearing natural wilderness in Singapore through a series of black and white photographs. Using the forest structure to express the idea of emotional layers, his photographs are a reflection on memory and transformation and present the dualities of isolation and the unknown. The book charts the artistic and spiritual journeys of the photographer, and is as much one man’s personal encounter with nature as it is a social commentary about the fast-changing landscape of modern society.

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