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  • The application will be open to both local and international exhibitors
  • SGABF is curated, submission of application does not guarantee participation
Over three days, SGABF will open its doors to exhibitors from around the world, including artists, small presses, galleries, and distributors. A wide range of programmes will complement the Fair, serving as a meeting place for an extended community of artists, publishers and book enthusiasts to exchange dialogues around the various aspects of arts and culture.
We invite exhibitors to launch their new publications at the 2020 fair.

Exhibitor applications now open until 27 March 2020.


  • Monetary Support
  • Pre-event Sponsorships (Printing, Collaterals, Media Coverage, etc.)
  • Opening Night Sponsorships (Food, Drinks, AV Equipment, etc.)
Since 2018, SGABF has become fully independent, which means we are no longer receiving funding or financial aid from any organisation or institution, government or otherwise.

Your funds keep our festival and programmes alive, and go a long way in supporting the growth and development of the arts in Singapore.
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  • Ushering, assisting with registration and event logistics, etc.
  • Event photography and videograpy
  • Emceeing for events
SGABF relies on volunteers to run our weekend-round festival. We are looking for passionate people to assist with on-site installation, as well as help throughout the fair itself.
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  • This is open to both local and international contributors
  • All donations are not for sale
  • All donations are non-returnable
  • All donors will be acknowledged on our website
  • We are deeply grateful for your generous donation. However, due to limited space, we may not be able to accept every submission. You will be contacted via email on the status of your submission
Over the last few years, SGABF has amassed a small library of Singapore art books, artists' books, monographs, catalogues, and zines.

We aim to grow this collection of local and international art books in a physical space (or various physical spaces) to eventually be made free and available for all to browse. SGABF believes in the importance of sharing a diverse representation of works that showcase the creative possibilities of art book publishing.
If you have a publication that you would like to have considered for the Library, please send us a single copy along with this form. The form is necessary for processing submissions.
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© Singapore Art Book Fair 2020. All rights reserved.
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