An archive of SGABF editions since 2018, the year in which the fair became independently organised and funded for the first time in five years. Besides our local exhibitors, SGABF has hosted exhibitors from Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand,  Vietnam, USA, UK, and the United Arab Emirates, all of whom are listed below.



The 2022 Singapore Art Book Fair (SGABF2022) was held at the Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pagar Distripark from 29 Apr – 1 May.

As travel restrictions had not fully lifted, the fair once again hosted international exhibitors through our ‘Adopt-an-Exhibitor’ programme that allows local exhibitors to share their booths with an international exhibitor of their choice, or one who has been matched with them.

This edition hosted a total of 94 Exhibitors, and 6,500 visitors over one weekend, many of whom attended the fair for the first time. The SGABF2022 Zine Room, now known as Cut Copy Paste, has since expanded into its very own Zine Fair.

Over the weekend, we hosted a series of artist talks, book launches, as well as A Different Reading, a showcase initiated by THEBOOKSHOW that brings together nine young creatives under the mentorship of local designer Hanson Ho (H55) and artist Ang Song Nian, creating five new artist books through this collaboration.

During the weeks leading up to the fair, we presented a physical iteration of the Singapore Art Book Library at starch, an artist-run space located at Tagore Lane. Our collection of art books, artists’ books & zines that have been amassed over the past 8 years was made available for all to browse.

Finally, we introduced an online photo series called Knock Knock, which features artists, small presses, publishers and zinemakers in their workspaces, giving a behind-the-scenes look at their work processes and book-making practice.

Singapore Art Book Fair 2022



C01 Basheer Graphic Books [SG] C01 Sendpoints [HJ] C02 NUS Press [SG] C02 NANG [IT] C03 duotone [SG] C03 Keita Kusaka [JP] C04 Meantime [SG] C04 Journal of Creative Pursuit [ID] C05 Your Local Newsstand [SG] C05 Aperture Brought Me Here [TH] C06 Aaah House [SG] C06 huruf [MY] C07 RJ Paper [SG] C07 Further Reading Press [ID] C08 Jason Wee [SG] C08 Valiz [NL] C09 Grey Projects [SG] C09 Onomatopee Projects [NL] C10 STUDIO SWELL [SG] C10 MM230 [JP] C11 National Gallery Singapore | Singapore Art Museum [SG] C12 Plant Press [SG] C12 KaleidoscopeBooks [CN] C13 Nope Fun [SG] C13 Libro Arte [JP] C14 In Plain Words [SG] C14 cloud projects [MY] C15 YesulBob Collective [KR] C16 Faísca Lab [BR] C17 夢厰 DREAMERFTY [CN] C18 Perimeter Editions [AU] C19 Thing Books [SG] C20 Wendy’s Subway [US] C21 Lugemik [EE] C22 Jap Sam Books [NL] C23 Each and Every Press [US] C25 Leonorana [PT] C26 Stolen Books [PT] C27 The Institute of Critical Zoologists [SG] C27 K. Verlag [DE] C28 Atelier HOKO [SG] C28 UTRECHT [JP] C29 Temporary Press [SG] C29 The Book Society [KR] C30 Hothouse [SG] C30 Minori Murata [JP] C31 Sui Yao [SG] C31 Nini Sum [CN] C32 KAPUTT [SG] C32 YeP YeP [HK] C33 Gleam Pulp [SG] C33 Binatang Press! [ID] C34 ripe [SG] C34 Den Publishing Group [TH] C35 Vanessa Lim [SG] C35 Mosh Mosh Books by Yukihiro Tada [JP] C36 ODDERNOON [SG] C36 Capricious [US] C37 Knuckles & Notch Studio [SG] C37 Knust/Extrapool [NL] S38 Asian Film Archive [SG] S39 SUTD ASD & Asiapac Books [SG] S40 STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery [SG] S41 NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore [SG] S42 OH! Open House [SG] S43 Temasek Polytechnic School of Design [SG] S44 Art & Market [SG] S45 Street Report [SG] S46 Variegated [SG] S47 Waiting For Your Txt Back [SG] S48 The Slow Press [SG] S49 miloyeo [SG] S50 OFFCUT by Allegro Print [SG] S51 Holycrap [SG] S69 THEBOOKSHOW [SG] S69 AKAAKA [JP]


SG Art Book Dialogue is a series of book launches, discussions & artist talks held at the Singapore Art Book Fair.


4:30 - 5:30pm

The Engine Room @ Singapore Art Museum
39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Singapore 089065
Book Launch: open environments
(Presented by Leonorana)

Isabel Carvalho (Artist), Ang Kia Yee (Artist), Salty Xi Jie Ng (Artist), txting teo (Arts Practitioner), ila (Artist) and Lune Loh (Poet)
Leonorana is an editorial project by Portuguese artist Isabel Carvalho, which takes the form of a magazine centred on artistic research. For its fifth issue, Leonorana gathers and dwells upon perspectives and approaches revolving around the theme of Environments. Born in part out of a remote residency at NTU CCA Singapore, this issue is co-edited by Isabel Carvalho and Ang Kia Yee, and features essays by contributors based in Singapore, Portugal, Brazil and Sweden. Moving across varied landscapes, these essays span seas, swamps and cities; intimacy and alienation; mermaids and cows; ancestry, innocence and anxiety — expanding our appetite for artistic research through writing, as well as our understanding of environments.

Following its launch in Portugal in December 2021, this is the issue’s (and, in fact, the magazine’s) first physical launch in Singapore. The two co-editors will be joined by Singapore-based contributors ila, Salty Xi Jie Ng, txting teo and Lune Loh in an open conversation between the worlds and environments of their respective essays.

6:00 - 7:00pm

The Engine Room @ Singapore Art Museum
39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Singapore 089065
Artist Talk: Blood Sweat & Tears
(Presented by Holycrap)

Pann Lim (Father/Creative Director)
Blood Sweat & Tears, presented by Pann Lim, stems from the simplest of reasons and there is absolutely no rocket science behind it. This book is just about looking back on and celebrating the ten years since Holycrap started with his wife Claire and children Renn and Aira. Within these printed pages lies every memory forged or new adventures embarked upon and he will be sharing some of those projects they have done together as a family since 2011 right up
till 2021.


1:00 - 2:00pm

The Engine Room @ Singapore Art Museum
39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Singapore 089065
Artist Talk: Remodeling Love Island: Reality Television and Experimental Publishing with Each and Every Press
(Presented by Brendan Page)

Brendan Page (Founder/Designer/Printer, Each and Every Press)
Love Island is a reality television show in which British bodybuilders look for love and engage in complex conflict resolution. During a time when comfort can be found in ignoring one’s surroundings, shows like Love Island take on a new meaning for many, including artist Brendan Page. In this talk, Page will discuss his project “The Villa”, a Risograph-printed book containing abstract 3D models of iconic moments from the show’s fourth season. He will speak to his work at Each and Every Press, experimental Risograph printing, and the making of “The Villa”.

3:00 - 4:00pm

The Engine Room @ Singapore Art Museum
39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Singapore 089065
Book Launch: Street Report
(Presented by Faiz Zohri, Gideon Kong, Atelier HOKO)

Faiz Bin Zohri (StableUnstable), Clara Koh (Atelier HOKO) and Gideon Kong (gideon-jamie)
Street Report (publication series) is an ongoing project of detailed accounts or statements describing events and situations on the street by a Street Reporter, usually as the result of observation and inquiry. Initiated by Atelier HOKO, Faiz Bin Zohri, Cathy Hang, and gideon-jamie, published by Temporary Press.

The first two titles are Public Bins and Hooks and Holes (Sungei Road). The first one looks closely at behaviours surrounding the use of public bins and the other at the installation of improvised shop tentage. Housed in a compact form, both are generously illustrated with photographs, sketches, and annotations.

5:00 - 6:00pm

The Engine Room @ Singapore Art Museum
39 Keppel Road, Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Singapore 089065
Artist Talk: Making Books, Growing Up, and Other Things
(Presented by Lai Yu Tong, Moderated by Renée Ting)

Lai Yu Tong (Artist) and Renée Ting (Director, Singapore Art Book Fair)
Lai Yu Tong is a Singaporean artist who works freely across various mediums. His practice involves modest gestures of simplifying and rearranging the things around him. In this talk, he will be reviewing in chronological order the ten books he has made starting from his first zine published in 2014 when he was a teenager, to his latest book that will be launched at this edition of SGABF. These books were made in parallel to the works he has made, marking different stages in his practice and his life. He will be sharing the origins and processes behind them, and how he feels looking back on them now.