An archive of SGABF editions since 2018, the year in which the fair became independently organised and funded for the first time in five years. Besides our local exhibitors, SGABF has hosted exhibitors from Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand,  Vietnam, USA, UK, and the United Arab Emirates, all of whom are listed below.



In light of COVID-19, SGABF is dedicated to presenting yet another successful – and safe – edition of the fair, and understands the challenges and constraints faced by exhibitors based outside of Singapore. Therefore, SGABF2021 features an ‘Adopt-an-Exhibitor’ programme that allows local exhibitors to share their booths with an international exhibitor of their choice, or who has been matched with them. This ensures that we will continue to showcase international publications, and provide a platform for collaboration between local and international participants.

Additionally, SGABF2021 returns as the Re:source Edition. In a world turning away from touch, we revisit the medium of the art book – its definitions, mechanisms, and creative possibilities. The Re:source Edition includes two video series. First, Art Books: A Beginner’s Guide introduces art book making in a 10-episode seminar and dialogue series. It is produced by Currency in partnership with SGABF. Second, we highlight the tactility of the art book in 10 short-form episodes of #ArtBookASMR, produced in collaboration with Melinda Lauw of Whisperlodge. Finally, the new Re:source page also collates Singapore-based businesses serving local creatives, providing a starting point for new local art book makers to source for materials, printers, and paper.


Singapore Art Book Fair 2021


Knuckles & Notch [SG] You Want Zines? (Anngee Neo) [SG] You Want Zines? (Weng Pixin) [SG] Cat Hu [SG] Plant Press [SG] Atelier HOKO [SG] NTU CCA Singapore [SG] Motto Books [DE]

ampulets [SG] Now & Again [SG] Holycrap [SG] OFFCUT by Allegro Print [SG]

National Gallery Singapore [SG] Singapore Art Museum [SG] STPI — Creative Workshop & Gallery [SG] Asian Film Archive [SG] Asiapac Books + SUTD Architecture and Sustainable Design Art & Market [SG] Art Agenda, S.E.A. [ID]

Queer Zine Room & Queer Zine Library
Curated by Queer ZineFest SG, Queer Zine Room 2021 foregrounds the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those from marginalised groups and communities.

The Queer Zine Library — a mish-mash of zines, resources and other fun things by Queer ZineFest SG, Squelch Zines, and wares infoshop. 100% of the library’s proceeds will go to supporting needs from people in the wares mutual aid community.

Annie Hung Cheerful Atelier Cynthia Yuan Cheng Douchebagbobo @faraway.olives Feixue Mei Gorgeous Glam Gays HOMOCATS The Local Rebel Megan Teo Xiu Wen MUSUBI FRIENDS (rollround) MUSUBI FRIENDS (pearlperoni ) MUSUBI FRIENDS (bsnippet) Nicholas Teo Nirali Desai Pbj (patchoulipearl) Pbj (mockmeet) Penawar radioriotgrrrl Sean’s Bookshop Magazine for Young Girls Taufiq Rahman Sha Sunmi T. Shuxia Unapologetic Yoga The White Book


Lucy’s Dictionary of Femininity

Presented by A Stubborn Bloom, Lucy’s Dictionary of Femininity is an anthology of feminine objects and femininity. By assembling these objects into an alphabetical and curated system, this dictionary seeks to reframe domestically-feminine objects that are conventionally perceived as objects and signs of weakness, imbuing them with contemporary notions of strength. The showcase will be accompanied by a video, ‘Home Economics with A Stubborn Bloom’, that takes its cues from home economics textbooks used in secondary schools in Singapore in the 1970s and 1980s.


SG Art Book Library

An initiative of SGABF, the SG Art Book Library is a growing catalogue of published print materials that explore the creative possibilities of art book publishing to generate meaningful discourse.

Art Books: A Beginner’s Guide

An introductory series for creatives who are interested in making their own books or are looking to publish their own projects. Each episode contains a seminar on art book making, followed by a conversation with Singapore-based practitioners.


Book Launches

Presented by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore at the Single Screen.

Culture City. Culture Scape.
Fri, 05.03.2021

This book documents a public art commission at Mapletree Business City II, featuring works by artists Dan Graham, Tomás Saraceno, Yinka Shonibare CBE, and Zul Mahmod. The curators’ reflective essays and conversations with the artists and the Chairman of Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd underscore the significance of art in public space.
Sat, 06.03.2021

This publication for the exhibition Campur, Tolak, Kali, Bahagi, Sama Dengan (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Equals), a solo project by late and cherished artist Roslisham Ismail aka Ise, takes the format of a special issue of SentAp!, the magazine founded by curator Nur Hanim Khairuddin and Ise in 2005.

Engaging with Contemporary Art and Spaces of the Curatorial — A Resource Guide for Educators

Sat, 06.03.2021
Contemporary art is an excellent educational resource that lends itself to inquiry-based and experiential learning, and encourages creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking. By introducing the Centre’s past exhibitions and programmes, this guide helps educators explore cross-disciplinary subjects and pedagogical strategies while engaging with contemporary art and spaces of the curatorial.


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