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72-13 is the home of The Curators Academy and T:>Works. Formerly a rice warehouse, the space is currently a gallery, a cinema, and a theatre. It is an R&D Centre, a performance centre, a forum, and a platform for international creative expression and its relationship to Asia, in particular South-East Asia.

Established in 1985, T:>Works (formerly known as TheatreWorks) is an independent and international performance company. Its mission is the pioneering of thought leadership in the arts focused on transdisciplinary, transcultural, and inclusive processes.


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72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd,
Singapore 239007

Nearest MRT Train Station: Fort Canning (Downtown Line DT20)

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UE Sq (River Valley Road)
Available Buses: 32, 54, 139, 195, 195A

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Prypress [SG]
is an independent publisher and project space in Singapore. Founded by artist and design educator Joanne Pang in 2019, Prypress is akin to a convenience stall, showcasing diverse art and design goodies for all unsuspecting passersby. Prypress collaborates with artists and designers to produce limited edition zines, books, prints, multiples, objects, and ephemera, while curating interdisciplinary art and design exhibitions.


The Cauldron Press [US]
is a small risograph print shop located in the Oklahoma City, OK. The Cauldron is comprised of two graphic design university professors (James Ewald and Brock Wynn). They give workshops while producing self-published art books, prints, and zines. Most of the issues in their work are often socially relevant and satirical in nature.


is a design practice based in Singapore. They provide creative direction and design for cultural and commercial clients in the form of printed matter, as well as digital and experiential concepts. Swell takes on a collaborative approach in their work in order to create meaningful designs that seek to make an impact.


LibroArte [JP]
established in Tokyo in 2008, publishes a large number of books concerning photography. LibroArte takes particular interest in young photographers and supports them by publishing photobooks and presenting exhibitions of their photographs. In recent years, LibroArte has become an active participant in art book fairs held in Paris, Taiwan, and Korea.


In Plain Words [SG]
is an editorial studio that examines everyday life through food and design.


Thinking*Room [ID]
(2005) is a Jakarta based design and branding company founded by a collective of like-minded people who shared their beliefs and utilised their unique voice to produce the diverse output of designs. Thinking*Room’s belief is that design is a method of storytelling through different platforms to make something that people think about before they go to sleep.


RJ Paper [SG]
(1987) is the trusted partner for thousands of designers, creators, artists and makers. For decades, their personal touch to customers and attention to materiality have positioned them right at the heart of creative communities and their projects.


Further Reading [ID]
is an independent multi-format publishing platform and research unit that compiles reading references, produces design periodicals, curates exhibitions and organises workshops. Further Reading seeks to engage in discourse within design practices by exploring through the wider contexts.


is a specialised bookstore for design books and magazines related to Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Product Design, Fashion Design, Art & Craft, Typography, and Photography.


is a leading art-book publisher known for its dazzling and audacious world of eye-catching coffee table books spanning architecture, aphrodisia, art, design, fashion, photography, pop culture, style, and travel. Working closely alongside acclaimed creative partners, the company has published thousands of titles in dozens of languages. As an interface to the system of daily life, the shop intends to facilitate the transformation between creative activities and everyday life in a more accessible way.


NUS Press [SG]
publishes academic books and journals, as well as high-quality general non-fiction— including photography and art books—in the social science and humanities disciplines. The Press is particularly attentive to the needs and priorities of researchers, writers, and readers vitally concerned with Singapore and Southeast Asia.


(2016) is an independent print-only magazine which covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world. The aim is to publish, issue-by-issue, a wonderfully rich and profound collection of words and images on cinema, for knowledge, inspiration, and enjoyment. Each issue is helmed by different guest editors and structured around a specific theme. Only 1,500 copies of each issue are produced, and there will be no reprints.


is a photography gallery built in 2014 by Art Photography Centre, a registered Charity in Singapore. Championing for photography, visual literacy, and developing appreciation for contemporary photography are our vision and mission. DECK Gallery is fundraising for a permanent space in replace of the container structure at Prinsep Street.


Born in Göttingen in 1950, Gerhard Steidl began working as a printer and designer in 1969. Soon the customers of his screen-printing workshop included Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers and Nam June Paik, among other well-known artists. In 1994 Steidl launched its international photobook program. Today it includes some of the world’s most renowned photographers and artists including Joel Sternfeld, Bruce Davidson, Robert Frank, Robert Adams, Karl Lagerfeld, Lewis Baltz, Dayanita Singh, Ed Ruscha, Roni Horn, and Juergen Teller, to name but a few. Over the decades, Steidl has become one of the most respected printers in the international publishing world.


The Institute of Critical Zoologists [SG]
was founded by multidisciplinary artist Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore). Persistently twisting reality and fiction, Zhao’s artistic practice addresses the relationship between humans and nature, challenging accepted parameters of objectivity and scientific modes of classifications. His work has been exhibited in numerous international exhibitions including: Jakarta Biennale (2017); 7th Moscow Biennale (2017); and 20th Sydney Biennale (2016). He received the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 2010 and was a finalist for the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award for Emerging Asian Artists 2017.


K. Verlag [DE]
is a Berlin-based publishing atelier advancing new forms of the book-as-exhibition. Since starting the press in 2011, their editorial-curatorial work produces unique geographical and physical encounters in the context of art, science, design, and politics. They collaborate internationally with artists and institutions, developing singular volumes, whose materiality and micro architecture push the boundaries of the traditional exhibition catalog. Previous such projects have engaged themes of naturecultures, post/colonialism and ethnography, geopolitics, contemporary history and environmental violence, as well as visual culture, literature, and feminism. Historical archives, including libraries and museums, are assayed via intersectional approaches and hybrid methodologies to explore core issues of our times. In 2020, K. Verlag was named a recipient of the prestigious Deutscher Verlagspreis (German Publishing Prize), awarded annually to honor outstanding independent publishers by the Federal Ministry of Culture.


Founded in 2014, THEBOOKSHOW (TBS) aims to become a mediator between the art world and the general public through the book medium. It acts as an avenue for artists to showcase self-published art books in exhibitions as well as art festivals, hoping to bring about renewed perspectives on the medium. TBS believes in challenging the medium—moving away from the conventional form that the book takes, and exploring the vast possibilities the print medium allows.


AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc. [JP]
(2006) was founded by Kimi Himeno in Japan. Specialising in photography and art, AKAAKA have published more than 200 books in the past 12 years, featuring a diverse range Japanese and international artists, seven of whom have been awarded the Kimura Ihei Photo Prize. AKAAKA sees it as their mission to explore the possibilities of photography, and employ the photobook as a vessel to question the essence of photography and our understanding of art. In recent years, AKAAKA have also organised slideshow tours and held exhibitions around the world, aiming to not only convey the current state of photographic expression but also provide a stage for photographers’ real voices.


Aquí y Allá [CO]
is an organisation, a platform, a parallel universe that goes from one place to another generating collaborative and participative photography projects within Colombia and the international world. Aquí y Allá’s interests lie in photography and its various forms of creation and diffusion especially the ones that come in form of books.


Perimeter Editions [AU]
is the award-winning publishing imprint of Melbourne-based bookstore Perimeter Books and distribution house Perimeter Distribution. Releasing its first publication in 2012, Perimeter Editions’ focus rests on publishing autonomous books in close collaboration with photographers, artists, curators and writers. Its publications exhibit a criticality and sensitivity to content and form.


Temporary Press [SG]
is an independent press that publishes content surrounding critical practices in art and design. Using the Risograph, the press explores the conceptual, political, and critical potential of this small-scale production method. Temporary Press was started as part of the practice of a two-people studio involved in design, research, and teaching.


The Book Society [KR]
is a collective, working in Seoul through publishing. Since 2010, we have published and edited books under the name of mediabus. We have curated exhibitions and projects as well. Through bookshop and project space, we have sold and distributed books related to contemporary art, design.


Grey Projects [SG]
(2008) is a library, a residency apartment, a studio, and two galleries. Out of these spaces, they generate curatorial and exchange activities—making books, exhibitions, talks, residencies, reading groups, and workshops. They are interested in new design practices, writing, curatorial research, and art propositions. Around since 2008, they can be found in Tiong Bahru, Singapore’s oldest public housing estate.


the shop [CN]
As an interface to the system of daily life, the shop intends to facilitate the transformation between creative activities and everyday life in a more accessible way.


Aaah House [SG]
is a design lovers’ club where pleasures carry no guilt and ideas aren’t talked down to.


consists of Jaeyi Park and Haeji Sim. They started out as a YouTube channel to confess their sins of talking big but doing nothing. They use their channel as a break from their soulless work life. They take pictures, write when they are drunk, and create movies that capture their true selves. @yoranhan2people


Meantime [SG]
is an independent magazine documenting Singapore stories lost to time. Published annually, each issue uncovers our past through personal stories.


is a zine maker studio under the independent book publisher SPACEBAR DESIGN STUDIO (Thailand).


Nope Fun [SG]
is an independent publisher and platform based in Singapore focusing on photography and contemporary image making. They are interested in experimenting with artists’ books and zines through collaborating with artists who deal with a range of topics: from queer issues to urban development and identity.


Capricious [US]
is an arts foundation based in New York focused primarily on book publishing and an annual photo book award, with an emphasis on supporting intersectional, queer perspectives.


ripe [SG]
is, first and foremost, a shared space, a get-together, a lunch spread for all to gather around, share, enjoy, pass the butter, bring what they can to the table. wanting to provide a platform for creatives to deepen their self-exploration, ripe places community at its pith, its very core.


Power Couple Press [UK]
is a Glasgow-based independent press and distro founded by two artists, Aki Hassan and Nat Walpole. Power Couple Press see this as an opportunity to distribute work that they believe in alongside their own and acts as a platform that centres comic and illustration, with an interest in showcasing work by queer artists.


Some Books by George [SG]
George Wong pays attention to things and makes judgement on things, only to discover how appalling his judgments are. Photobooks become a favourite way to present the ideas that are brewing in his head. He can be sentimental at times but often, his works just end up being hilarious.


Keita Kusaka [JP]
Born in 1976 in Osaka, Japan, Keita has been taking photos while working as a copywriter at an advertising company. He also runs a photo blog called “A Gap in the Landscape” and subsequently published his photobook “The Gap in the Landscape” in 2019. He also runs “Enbahn”, his band that specializes in summoning UFOs, with a success rate of around 60%.


Travel Field Notes [SG]
is a Singapore-based publishing studio. Central to its practice is the use of fieldwork to better understand the impact of tourism on societies, cultures and heritage—issues too serious to be explored extensively in mainstream travel magazines. Its observations and non-fiction accounts are written in the style of ethnographic field notes and presented as zines—an art form that complements an alternative form of travel writing.


Binatang Press! [ID]
is a small-scale independent publisher. Printing primarily in Risograph and focusing on art and visual culture, they centre honest expressions, and encourage collaborators to voice out their observations and personal experiences. Binatang Press! is part of the creative consultancy, The 1984—a place where collaborations, experiments and creative thinking happens everyday.

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