In a socially-distanced world, the digital has been embraced at the expense of the physical. With all the restrictions placed on our sense of touch, how can print mediums thrive? Now, more than ever, we need to (re)consider the form of the book. SGABF presents Re:source, in which we return to the source, regard the source, re-source the materials that we once took for granted.

This space functions as a resource of materials for (re)discovering the diverse medium of the art book.

Art Books: A Beginner’s Guide

This is an introductory series for creatives who are interested in making their own books or are looking to publish their own projects. This 10-episode guide examines publications as an ideal format for artistic presentation and documentation from conception to distribution.

Watch the series here

Art Book ASMR

This is a series of ten one-minute videos created in collaboration with Melinda Lauw of Whisperlodge. These tactile and auditory experiences feature some of the SGABF team’s favourite art books.

Watch the series here