Art Books: A Beginner’s Guide is an introductory series for creatives who are interested in making their own books or are looking to publish their own projects.

This 10-episode guide examines publications as an ideal format for artistic presentation and documentation from conception to distribution.

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Episode 1

Art Books as Compelling Format for Artists

Featuring Renée ting & berny tan

In this first episode, we will introduce how art books are a compelling format for artists. We will define and share what art publications are, and how they can be an ideal format for artistic presentation and documentation for artists. Next we will unpack the “daunting” idea of publication as a format, focusing on the common challenges described by people who are unfamiliar with the processes of planning a publication. Crucially, we will also describe the co-creative process of art book making, introducing roles of editors, designers, printers and collaborators that can help collectively realise an artist’s vision.

In the conversation portion of this episode, we will be hanging out and talking about books with Renée Ting and Berny Tan from the Singapore Art Book Fair team. They will be sharing about their favorite types of books from their own collections.

Episode 2

Art Books as Art Monographs, Zines & Photo Books

Featuring Lee chang ming

In this episode, we will be discussing monographs, zines and photobooks. We will explore different approaches to artist publications, and how content can be presented differently. A key topic is how this format of publication can be planned and designed to showcase a certain facet of practice or to document the artist’s reflections and engagements.

The episode features a conversation with artist and photographer Lee Chang Ming about his work with independent publisher and platform Nope Fun, the focus on print publications and his relationship with the print form.

Episode 3

Art Books as Artistic Research & Practice

Featuring Gideon Kong & Jamie Yeo

In this episode, we will be considering forms of artistic research and creative investigation. Following that, we will discuss the viability of publications as a format to present artistic research, and key considerations when making such a publication.

In the last part of the episode, we will be speaking to Gideon Kong and Jamie Yeo who run gideon—jamie, a two-person studio, and Temporary Press, an independent press.

Episode 4

Art Books as Art Object

Featuring Cheng jia yun & selene yap 

This episode introduces the compelling possibility of publication as an art object. We explore how an artist book is uniquely different from other modes of display that rely on how space plays out differently on the page. We will describe the possible ways and limitations of channelling the book format for artistic projects and presentations, while addressing how traditional boundaries of what defines a publication can be pushed and expanded to better address the specifics of the artistic content.

The episode features a conversation with curators Selene Yap and Cheng Jia Yun on their project Browsing Copy, as they reflect on the process and outcome of challenging a diverse group of artists to think about publications as an outlet for their practices.