Started in 2013, the Singapore Art Book Fair was built on an idea to replicate similar such events around the world in a local setting. Since then, the fair has grown steadily, both in exhibitors and fairgoers, attracting an audience that will become the future generation of artists, buyers, collectors, educators, and the like.
This year, the Singapore Art Book Fair aims to recalibrate its focus, creating a platform that is committed to showcasing what we hope are works that aren't just "aesthetically pleasing" but provoke some sense of critical thinking and discourse, strongly encouraging a growth and maturity in the audience’s cultural palette, while maintaining its relevancy.
I won't pretend to know art or art books all that well, because running the fair and setting a direction for it are two vastly different things. As this is the first time the Singapore Art Book Fair will be organised independently, I hope the freedom and flexibility will allow us to evolve it, setting the stage locally and regionally for years to come.
Hope to see you at the next Singapore Art Book Fair!

Renée Ting
Festival Director