T01prypress & SWELL [SG]
T02Variegated [SG]
T03Aira Lim [SG]
T04This Bakery [HK]
T05Now & Again [SG]
T06Copyright/Reserved [ID]
T07LASALLE School of Design Communication [SG]
T08Travel Field Notes [SG]
T09Tripartite [SG]
T10Gleam Pulp [SG]
T11Para Perempuan Zine [ID]
T12Your Local Newsstand [SG]
T13wares infoshop library [SG]
T14Planet Karambola (Planet Dani & Pancho Karambola) [SG]
T16Aki Hassan [SG]
T17Soup, Vanoha, Annie [SG]
T19rrg: class of 2020 [SG]
T20RobinEggpie [KR]
T22yukuyuku [JP]
T23    Kozue & T. Shuxia [SG]

T25Light Zines by @sendlasagna and @duakee99 [SG]
T26     erdy [TH]
T27No Reason Studio [HK]
T28singmoolsung [SG]
T29hotpot blues [SG]
T31Sewfont [HK]
T32Bang Bang Zine [MY]
T33Bean Spirit [AU]
B35Shrub [SG]
B36Thing Books [SG]
P39CRE888 [SG]


T01    prypress & SWELL [SG]

Prypress is an independent publisher and project space in Singapore. Founded by artist and design educator Joanne Pang in 2019, prypress collaborates with artists and designers to produce limited edition zines, books, prints, multiples, objects, ephemera while curating interdisciplinary art and design exhibitions.

STUDIO SWELL is a design practice based in Singapore that delivers printed matter, analogue and digital concepts with an objective and honest approach. They work extensively within the arts and have been long time collaborators with various arts institutions, publishers and artists.

T02    Variegated [SG]

Variegated is a Singapore-based collective keen on producing books, publications, and objects rooted in design, research, and learning. Taking cues from the foliar variegation of plants, the members work across multiple disciplines with collaborators from diverse backgrounds to make each project a unique, surprising endeavour.

T03    Aira Lim [SG]

An avid doodler day or night, Aira Lim simply draws anything that comes into her head, but she does especially love drawing girls and faces of all sorts. Aira had her first art exhibition in 2012 when she was just six, alongside her older brother. They have had over ten art exhibitions and group shows since. Aira is from family art collective Holycrap! together with her parents and currently, they have published ten issues of their family magazine Rubbish Famzine.

T04    This Bakery [HK]

Fascinated by the power of imagination and freedom, the works of Eunice Lai (b. 1993, Hong Kong) often engaged in the creation and exploration of her own mystical world which one may not encounter in reality. Stories happen in the forms include but not limited to comics, story-telling, illustrations, oil paintings and maybe soon animation. Through exploring the possibilities in another world, she finds inspiration to respond to herself and to reality.

T05    Now & Again [SG]

Now & Again serves as a sort of sketchbook, where each edition reflects on the many ways of interpreting a simple theme through a mix of individual projects and collaborations — showcasing how multiple ideas can be interpreted from just one starting point.

T06    Copyright/Reserved [ID]

Copyright/Reserved is a studio-based creative business and experimental design studio established in 2018. We are from Bandung, Indonesia. The concept "studio" is chosen as we aim to create an editorial; with artisan quality of branding and design, delivered in conceiving and engaging with the project to develop exclusive product and service work based on the client's initial skill and prospects. As the studio grows, we want to add focus to creating product, publishing, and objects, revealing each individual's authenticity & true self while also embodying their nature & imbuing their spirit into a physical form.

T07   LASALLE School of Design Communication [SG]

LASALLE School of Design Communication is a group of students and lecturers exploring new ways of thinking, doing, and learning in design, through design, and by design.

T08   Travel Field Notes [SG]

Travel Field Notes is a Singapore-based publishing studio. Central to its practice is the use of fieldwork to better understand the impact of tourism on societies, cultures and heritage - issues too serious to be explored extensively in mainstream travel magazines. Its observations and non-fiction accounts are written in the style of ethnographic field notes and presented as zines - an art form that complements an alternative form of travel writing.

T09   Tripartite [SG]

Made out of three individuals, Tripartite is a collaborative project by Meerza, Rudelfy and Sufian showcasing zines, prints and objects.

T10   Gleam Pulp [SG]

Gleam Pulp is a collective started by Singaporean based graphic designers @yolandapoh and @kool.type. The pair has evolved from an online lockdown friendship into one that shares an ever-growing interest in communicating their feelings visually through type, illustrations and bright compositions – embracing a practice of carefully recreating analogue techniques both physically and digitally.

T11   Para Perempuan Zine [ID]

Para Perempuan is an initiative that discusses Indonesian female artists in responding to art from the point of view of women and who are women artists in Indonesia.

T12   Your Local Newsstand [SG]

Your Local Newsstand is an independent publishing group based in Singapore specialising in producing and publishing photography based imprints. Our goal is to provide a platform for photographers to explore photography through the medium of zines and other printed matter.

T13   wares infoshop library [SG]

wares infoshop library is a project for collective autonomy and shared life in common. Both material and virtual, it carves out space to support potentials in autonomous gathering, study, rest, and agitation beyond capital.

T14    Planet Karambola (Planet Dani & Pancho Karambola) [SG]

Planet Karambola is comprised of Pancho Karambola and Planet Dani, both originating from Manila. Pancho Karambola's art is inspired by vintage Pinoy comics; while Planet Dani blends architecture and humor in her work.


Pik is a freelance illustrator from Bangkok, Thailand. He enjoys sketching and journaling his daily life, things around him and random ideas that come across his mind. He appreciates all kinds of music and art, including accidental art. He believes that art should be for everyone. He tries to create work that is relatable. People of different interests and career should be able to have fun with it. Let’s enjoy and explore it together.

T16    Aki Hassan [SG]

Aki Hassan is a visual artist who occasionally makes experimental comics, zines and prints.

T17    Soup, Vanoha, Annie [SG]

Soup, Vanoha, Annie is a group of friends that make zines and prints. Vanoha is a tattoo artist (@vanoha.ink) that makes prints from a personal place which they regard as 'inside conversation' (@ok.vinks). Annie has fun dududu (@uuuunyy) and also makes mspaint affirmations about their latest obsessionz (@crusty_cereal_bowl). Soup (@soupy.soups) is a tattoo artist artist graffiti teh connosssoiur making cool lil zinez about their daily experiences to process their thots (@leftover_soup_).


HOLE IN THE WALL is a Hong Kong/Tokyo creative who records the underground culture through interviews and illustrations. Started in Beijing, they were largely inspired by the alternative music and art scene. Through live drawing and zine making, they hope to capture people and places part of the underground culture across the various cities they visit.

T19    rrg: class of 2020 [SG]

radioriotgrrrl is back! class of 2020 is all about celebrating and showcasing our friends who have been there from day one, back in our art school studio hijacking era. radioriotgrrrl was born out of defiance and experimental fun amidst the heaviness of art education. we’re so excited to share with you the works of the amazing inspiring artists whom we have gotten to meet during those formative days. we would not have been the people we are now without their presence and support. just as how our contemporaries have forged their distinctive paths upon graduation, you can expect a diverse range of zines, prints and paraphernalia from their various disciplines and interests.

T20    RobinEggpie [KR]

Create a narrative based on the illustration. It is about the story of 33 (the main character) through the form of a cartoon and the expression technique of printmaking. Each episode has a picaresque composition, and a book is produced with keywords such as birth (「peardrop」, 2015), dream (「33, The Dream Anatomy」, 2016), and choice (「Pizza or Chicken?」, 2022), the faith (「Pizza Saver」, 2022).

T21    TING5 [TW]

Graphic designer, illustrator. From Taiwan. Born in Chiayi, based in Taipei. The artworks more around different topics. Ex: Small & Big, Be a snake, Sharps…etc. All around personal observation that I am a graphic designer, Taiwanese, self-analysis. The artworks publish posters, zines, comic and books. Also use mixed media, ex: pottery, fabric, printmaking and spray paint.

T22    yukuyuku [JP]

yukuyuku creates works with the hope that people can walk the long road of life with humor and hope. Three main types of creations are receipt poems, in which the poems are printed on receipts using a thermal printer, zines of short stories with illustrations, and postcards with illustrations and copy. All works are bilingual (Japanese and English). For receipt poems, customers press a button on "the receipt poem machine" that she made, and the machine prints the poem on the spot and give it to them. yukyuku explores new expressions of story, paper and printed matter.

T23    Kozue & T. Shuxia [SG]

Kozue is a Japanese artist and poet based in Singapore. She loves working with watercolours and inks. Through her artistic journey, she seeks to explore small joys in daily life, tiny resilience in a fast-paced society, wonders of nature, and Singapore's culture.

T. Shuxia is a Singaporean artist, illustrator, and co-founder of the arts initiative Kokoro. She works with various mediums and is presently exploring storytelling through art.

T25    Light Zines by @sendlasagna and @duakee99 [SG]

Ruchika (they/them, @sendlasagna) makes small foldings about kitchens, flowers in their throat, advice for stressed 20 yr olds, chairs, not having a stable address, and whether people ever learnt how to walk. Lean (they/them, @duakee99) is queer, magick, art, in any and every order; and believes in the divine, total, continued struggle to yearn towards some universal truth. Together, we make marker and scribble booklets that tell silly little stories that are not so silly on the right day. Our serial zine Bread Noir is an archaeology-cum-space-theatre opera about the villain origin story of bread. Come say hi.

T26    erdy [TH]

Two art collections with different styles and techniques, but sharing the same theme, "dream." The first is a nighttime dream, whereas the second is a daytime one.

T27    No Reason Studio [HK]

No Reason Studio is a Hong Kong-based creative studio with a focus on art publishing. The studio is co-founded by Florence Yuk Ki Lee, an animation artist from Hong Kong and Di Harper Wu, a video artist from Beijing. Their collaboration started since university life at Central Saint Martins, where they met. They relocated to Hong Kong from London soon after graduation and co-founded No Reason Studio. They went on to collaborate and explore the possibilities that mundane aesthetics could bring to the visual world, where printed materials and time-based media could be mixed and twisted into a new kind of identity.

T28    singmoolsung [SG]

singmoolsung (meaning being plant) is an art duo interested in vegetal qualities: the plant grows. It has no interest in self-definition, only constant self-transformation. They make zines and prints about self exploration, grotesque interiority, being present/disassociated, and disability. They also run a queer life drawing circle and have dreams of a decentralized community art school.

T29    hotpot blues [SG]

hotpot blues is a collective born from the existential despair shared by two creatives, only to be soothed by the organisation of hotpot parties during their time in school. We play with provocative images that lay disguised under a blanket of whimsical colours.

T30    GR0UT [SG]

GR0UT is a website/ portal conceived by art alliances khy (@bugdo11) and jomel (@j2mel002) who met at a rave this year, 2022. GR0UT established itself as an art project based on the internet. It is interested in formulating seamless processes between the internet and the organic through a collaboration of art and product-making. It respects online space and pledges itself as a service for online solace and ecstasy.

T31    Sewfont [HK]

SiuFong, a HK animator, who sometines makes prints and zines.

T32    Bang Bang Zine [MY]

As a creative endeavour from Mun Yeong, Shermene, and Chya Chyi, Bang Bang Zine (BBZ) is an independent zine brand and print publication that centres on the art of storytelling with illustration. To them, stories always matter. By making zines, they infuse various creative traits and explore the possibility of visual narration. The intriguing name of “Bang Bang Zine” is extended from their love of how different ideas bang with different sparks, then work together to turn them into a tangible product. Under the brand, they’re also running a Risograph printing studio based in Kuala Lumpur.

T33    Bean Spirit [AU]

To usher others into the rhythm of human experiences - healing, becoming and creating.

B35    Shrub [SG]

Shrub is a store specialising in independent artist products. Located in a former locksmith store at Golden Mile Tower, Shrub presents a melting pot of curated zines, prints, tees, and various odds and ends.

Concurrently, the space is used as a base for people to come together, create, explore, discuss, and collaborate. In true D.I.Y spirit, the people at Shrub believe that being self-taught and learning from our peers is an invaluable and sacred gift.

B36    Thing Books [SG]

Thing Books (est. 2021) is an online shop for books, zines & things by artists.

Dedicated to the promotion and understanding of the book as an artistic medium, Thing Books organises the annual Singapore Art Book Fair, and houses a catalogue of published print materials under the SG Art Book Library.


Fashion X Graphic Zine that connects fashion and graphic design enthusiast together. This zine will broaden the horizons of our reader by letting them know about the various kinds of fashion trends out there, and the different ways clothing can be styled through interviews that we have done along the streets of Singapore, all written and designed in the form of typography by yours truly.

PURGEIOUS was initially started as a small art archive for artist, Berinne Quek, but it slowly became a place to express life's many emotions and the experiences felt by the artist. PURGEIOUS hopes to connect with the public, to communicate a world and a society where we can be seen as humans with emotions rather than humans of labour. With the constant exclamations of how life can be so focused on work and sacrificing almost everything for a 'good' life, PURGEIOUS wants to stir a revolution of a life to feel and not a life to work.

We’re a collective of 4 students who holistically creative produce contemporary thematic photoshoots. Shawn photographs, Aliy is lighting, Jo is stylist and Anja is hair and make up. We work together to conceptualised shoots and work on set design.


Hollowist revolves around illustrated magical oddities gouged out from her nightmares, brought to death through handmade curiosities.

P39    CRE888 [SG]

CRE888 came from a group of alumni who worked together for TP Design Orientation Camp in 2018-2020. Since graduation, they have all endeavoured into their respective crafts and now, they are back to showcase their collaborative projects and present their own body of work.


Different works created and curated by a group of friends formed in uni!


Krisby.cafe was founded in April 2019, and was initially a way to express my love for doodles, sketches, and handmade gifts. Moving to 2022, I committed a large part of my time and budget to making works to bring joy for others.

Currently I have two main works.Krisby, my OG OC. A fluffy, short and cafe owner. He/She runs a virtual cafe with yummy food, patrons appearances. [@krisby.cafe] YU, 2nd OC. She roams the non-fiction and fiction in search of herself. Yuni creatures assist or endanger her growth. You can interpret it anyway you want to. [@krisby.illustration].


Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm that gives us new and creative ideas; we are inspired from different sources and in various ways. In this exhibition, the CMD team designed a series of zines with the theme: “Where is our inspiration from”. It is a meaningful and exciting theme for us, not just the exchange of great graphic expression, but also to see and learn about different design perspectives from each unique individual.


Limbo — the Space Between. A mini zine project by Clarence Liu, Jazmine Ho and Rachel Peh.

Fresh out of graduation, we found ourselves aimless and lost in unique situations; stuck in NS, pursuing a different field, and losing touch with past passions. A collaborative effort combining our strengths in illustrations and storytelling, we translate these experiences and feelings into a metaphorical journey. The booth features the 8pp risographed zine, postcards and stickers surrounding the theme of being stuck in 'limbo'.

Working Together
Founded in 2014 as an investigation into methods of collaboration. Working Together (WT) seeks to develop new ways into looking at collaboration and ways of fostering the collaborative process.

In participation for the CUT COPY PASTE 2023, a series of activities based on the WT parameters were conducted between colleagues and friends. The collaborative outcomes were used as materials to craft a limited set of zines and miscellaneous items.


A horror theme booth that has a cutesy vibe to throw off the readers about the darker topics we would cover. We want to be able to explore human emotions through the lens of horror. We want the readers to reflect upon the preconceived ideas they have about their thoughts and feelings, pushing them to more self-aware.


I think many students relate to how i feel about school always lazy, damn sian. tired and tired and exhausted fun! Should i dress up or wear lupsup tmr. I cant wait to go home and sleep (gets 3 hours of sleep everyday).So many assignments siarh, cannot make it. Should i just mc. Showing no mercy for space on 118.

P46    @JAZH.MINE [SG]

@jazh.mine seeks more meaning through combining and contrasting mundane motifs. Wielding both traditional and digital mediums, her art is full of details, often with florals interwoven in unexpected ways and in recent times, numerous cats. Her zines were first born through her keen interest in the yearly October art challenges that facilitate practice and passion, and served as mementos to celebrate and commemorate a month of intense creative expression. Come drop by @jazh.mine to check out old works and new, converse about artistential crisis and possibly, maybe give a home to some printed pixels.


Loh Xiang Yun is an Artist and Scientific Botanical Illustrator who lives and works in Singapore.

Her work interrogates how people relate to nature. Using her observations made through drawing, painting, and photography, she examines the everyday to study how nature is managed and engineered in our cities. Through durational projects that map and document plants in our surroundings, she charts the changing ways we see and define nature.


cmd students expressing individuality through creatives.

dream instrumentality
DREAM INSTRUMENTALITY is made up of three sleep deprived students with an interest in surrealistic media that explores the mystery behind the human psyche.

wwW._ is a new entity who are kinda amateurs at their craft (ㆆ_ㆆ). its ok tho they are a collaborative effort between chronically online students lunamuba21 ♡《Esther》and kneesbees.png ✿ 《Alani》 - 2 cryptids who like many, are trapped in a void where the internet starts and reality ends. ¯_(ツ)_/¯



Thing Books

Thing Books (est. 2021) is an online shop for books, zines & things by artists.Dedicated to the promotion and understanding of the book as an artistic medium, Thing Books organises the annual Singapore Art Book Fair, and houses a catalogue of published print materials under the SG Art Book Library.




Shrub is a store specialising in independent artist products. Located in a former locksmith store at Golden Mile Tower, Shrub presents a melting pot of curated zines, prints, tees, and various odds and ends.Concurrently, the space is used as a base for people to come together, create, explore, discuss, and collaborate. In true D.I.Y spirit, the people at Shrub believe that being self-taught and learning from our peers is an invaluable and sacred gift.



Temasek Polytechnic

Established in 1990, TP is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Singapore. Currently it offers 36 full-time diploma courses in the areas of applied science, business, design, engineering, humanities & social sciences and informatics & IT. It also offers over 40 part-time courses, up to the advanced diploma level. TP students undergo a holistic learning system that combines hands-on experience, character education and relevant life skills, in an enriching learning environment.The Polytechnic has also infused global realities into its programmes and developed a mindset on campus that embraces socio-cultural diversity. These ensure that TP graduates are ready for work or further studies, and to contribute meaningfully to the community. For more information, please visit www.tp.edu.sg.

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