Main Exhibitor Biographies

Studio SWELL[SG] is a design practice based in Singapore that works with printed matter, analogue, digital and experiential concepts. Treating design as both a means and an end, Swell is fluent in the fields of branding, design, advertising and photography with an artistic flair. Additionally, Swell strives to create ideas that are progressive, relevant and authentic via an objective approach.

Atelier HOKO[SG] (2002) is an independent research lab that focuses on the study of the growing disengagement between people, things and space. Founded by Alvin Ho and Clara Koh, the atelier hopes to cultivate in people an openness and ability to un-know — bringing about a heightened curiosity towards all phenomena by taking a fresh look at reality.

Chan + Hori Contemporary[SG]aims to provoke, challenge and stimulate the Singapore and Southeast Asia community through diverse and inclusive events that connects contemporary art with everyday lives. Artistic vision and a high quality of engagement with public audience lies at the core of its mission.
Encouraging curatorial experimentation and discussion platforms, Chan + Hori highlights both processes and ideas. Dedicated to both emerging and established artists, it is also open to exploring different disciplines and artistic expressions aside from visual arts, such as performance and fashion.

In addition to Chan + Hori’s strong focus on building sustainable relationships with international public and private collections, the gallery provides a professional infrastructure for its exclusive artists to support their careers in all relevant aspects - including regular exhibitions, management of large-scale productions, overseas opportunities and collaborations with institutions.

Tomomi Mizukoshi & Megumi Fujita[JP] Tomomi Mizukoshi (1992) is a Japanese illustrator who draws about her strange and everyday life.
Megumi Fujita is a Tokyo-based Japanese illustrator who draws abstract patterns, people and animals. Fujita also sells zines and fabric products.

Further Reading[ID] is a multi-format publishing platform that compiles reading references, produces design periodicals, curates exhibitions and organises workshops. They seek to engage in discourse within design practices by exploring the sociocultural and political contexts.

LIE[MY](Little Ideas Everyday) is a Kuala Lumpur-based independent graphic design studio founded in 2011. Working across a range of visual communication projects, LIE seeks to explore fresh new design approaches their clients and their own self-initiated projects.

Aperture Brought Me Here[TH] Wuthipol Ujathammarat is a Bangkok-based independent photographer, communication designer and self-publisher. Creating works that investigate the relationship between photographic narratives and its underlying concepts via the craft of publication design, Wuthipol aims to explore how a book can be read through a series of photographs without the influence of words.

GERIMIS[MY] is an ongoing art exhibition and archiving initiative that explores Malaysian Orang Asal (OA) narratives. For SGABF2019, GERIMIS is collaborating with the Seletar Cultural & Arts Society and Persatuan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Orang Asal Perak to produce zines . Exploring the story of the land, what happened to the people that lived there, and where they are today, GERIMIS seeks to empower the OA community through these collaborative works via knowledge-sharing and exchange to empower them to be the champions of their own narratives.

Libro Arte[JP](2008) is a Tokyo-based publisher with a focus on photography books. Libro Arte takes a particular interest in young photographers, supporting them by publishing their photo books and curating exhibitions of their photographs. In recent years, LibroArte has participated in artbook fairs in places such as Paris, Taiwan and Korea.

SPACEBAR ZINE[TH] is an entity under Bangkok-based design studio, SPACEBAR DESIGN STUDIO. Mainly producing artworks, books and zines, SPACEBAR ZINE aims to represent the works of independent Thai artists and other interested individuals.

Lendroit éditions[FR] is a Rennes-based publisher, gallery, bookshop. Collaborating with artists to produce works, such works experiment with editorials - taking on multiple forms and printing methods. Supporting artists whose practices utilize publishing and print, 4 to 6 exhibitions are held annually to showcase such contemporary artistic and editorial practices. Lendroit éditions also stocks art prints and financially accessible works, along with a selection of books by both domestic and international publishers.

Case Publishing / shashasha[JP] Case Publishing (2015) is a Tokyo-based publisher that focuses on photography and contemporary art. Aiming to expand the art book into a platform for different art forms. Case Publishing seeks to utilize the individual strengths of artbooks as a medium and an object to formulate new modes of expression. shashahsha (2012) is an online photobook collection aimed at making Japanese and Asian photography more accessible to a worldwide audience. shashasha strives to provide a platform for audiences to to engage with photographers in Asia, focusing on the rich array of Japanese and Asian photography practices.

volume press[CN] is a publishing studio and label based in Shanghai. Other than publishing magazines, books and zines, they also run an online bookstore, a mini-library and conduct publishing workshops in their studio space.

DECK Gallery[SG] is a not-for-profit arts organisation housed within an award winning 20 modified-containers building. Developing and promoting the understanding of the photographic language through various programmes, DECK presents the best of photography in Southeast Asia with exhibitions, artist-in-residency programmes, educational workshops and a resource library of photobooks.

Foto Féminas[HK] is an online resource that promotes the works of Latin American and Caribbean women photographers. The platform's book collection has exhibited in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It has also organized exhibitions, projections and talks in countries such as; Argentina, Chile, China, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

THEBOOKSHOW[SG] (2014) is a non-profit organisation that acts as a platform for artists to showcase self-published photo-books in exhibitions and art festivals. Through using the basic medium of the book, THEBOOKSHOW strives to be a mediator between the art world and the general public, seeking to bring renewed perspectives to books as a medium. Challenging the conventional forms of books, THEBOOKSHOW believes in questioning what forms books can constitute and advocating for the book form as an art in and of itself.

Knuckles & Notch[SG]is a creative, publishing and print studio based in Singapore. Seeking to provide artists – and anyone exploring print and publication options – with a choice beyond the prevailing, conventional printing processes, Knuckles & Notch focuses on Risograph, a niche printing technique positioned between screen printing and offset lithography that employs stencil duplication to yield prints in either standard or fluorescent colours.

Now & Again[SG] is a sketchbook of sorts, where a simple theme is developed through a mix of individual projects, showcasing a variety of interpretations and studies to reflect the contributors' diverse personal perspectives. As a platform for new ideas and experiments, Now & Again also invites guest contributors to participate and collaborate with other creators who are keen to have their ideas heard and realised.

AKAR[SG] is an independent annual print publication that aims to feature stories and creative works on Southeast Asia from the lens of its people. AKAR explores topics that are at the core of our humanity such as faith, culture and tradition, ways of knowing, and our relationship with the environment and with other humans.

Temporary Press[SG] produces/publishes content surrounding a broad definition of research/practice in or around art/design. Started by gideon-jamie, the press forms part of its practice as a studio for design/research/learning.

Ugly Duckling Presse[US] (UDP) is a non-profit publisher that specializes in poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists. Through the efforts of a volunteer editorial collective, UDP was transformed from a 1990s zine into a mission-driven small press that has published more than 300 titles to date, and produced countless prints and ephemera.
UDP favors emerging, international, and “forgotten” writers, and its books, chapbooks, artist’s books, broadsides, and periodicals often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labor and history of bookmaking. In all of its activities, UDP endeavors to create an experience of art free of expectation, coercion, and utility. Additionally, UDP offers seminars, writing workshops, and site tours, and hosts poetry readings, class visits, and book arts classes.

Marian Crawford[AU]is a visual artist and book maker, and lecturer in Fine Art at Monash University Art Design & Architecture, Melbourne, Australia. Crawford’s works explore the relationships between the book, fine art printmaking processes, and the printed image in contemporary culture.

Sharjah Art Foundation[AE] is a non-profit contemporary arts institution for that seeks to cultivate arts and culture in the Arabian Gulf. The core initiatives of the Foundation include the Sharjah Biennial, the annual March Meeting, residencies, production grants, commissions, exhibitions, research, and education and public programmes for the community. Through publications, the Foundation aims to engage with the printed word and the research-based efforts of visiting artists, curators and scholars, biennial themes, and curated exhibition programmes. Publications at Sharjah Art Foundation focus on both contemporary art from the Middle East and international works, playing an integral role in serving the Foundation’s local and international programmes.

1961[SG] (2017) is an art space which produces and presents contemporary art projects and exhibitions. The gallery's programmes focuses on exhibitions and projects by international artists, curators and interdisciplinary professionals. The space seeks to contribute to the building of artistic infrastructure within its community. Since its inception, 1961 has installed exhibitions of British artists, Keith Coventry, Matt Calderwood, Gary Woodley and Ian Whittlesea and German-born painter Jost Münster, South African artist Helena Pritchard and Hong Kong media art pioneer Ellen Pau.

Musotrees Magazine[MY] is a Kuala-Lumpur based biannual publication that focuses on the topics of journey & destination, curated conversations and design lifestyles.

Giani Levina[ID] is a Jakarta-based illustrator. A dreamer who produces simple, heartfelt drawings, Giani loves drawing portraits. Her visual style has since been reproduced into many mediums such as fashion items and stationery, bridging the gap between art and commodities.

Dark Cities[SG] is a series of three books of photographs re-imagining fringe spaces in the metropoles of Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul published by Singapore-based architect and photographer, Shyue Woon. Partipating in the second year of the Singapore Art Book Fair, the publication was the inaugural winner of the FIRST DRAFT Award by THEBOOKSHOW.

unobtainium photobooks[ID] is an Indonesian-based online bookstore that sells a selection of photobooks from all over the world, some of which are self-published and not available in commercial bookstores.They aim to to connect the outside world with Indonesian photobook practitioners by obtaining international books and showcasing Indonesian photobooks for international audiences.

ZINECOOP[HK] is a Hong Kong-based zinesters' collective that aims to promote local zine culture through social media most of the time as well as facilitating zine collecting, making and distributing in different international art book/zine fairs.

Nope Fun[SG] is an independent publisher and platform based in Singapore focusing on photography and contemporary image making.

wares infoshop[SG] is a reading library and infoshop project collecting a tapestry of books, zines, and other printed matter. Part material and part virtual, it carves out new potentials for collective gathering, study, agitation, and autonomy beyond capital. This includes attempts to read, think, rest, play, and make together in ways that negate the totalising spectacle and valorisation of life. It has been nestled since 2018 in the shared space soft/WALL/studs in Geylang, Singapore, on the Malay Peninsula.

The Machinist[SG] is a publication that documents the stories of a lathe machinist and his community in the Jalan Besar district of Singapore. In this publication, readers learn more about how they come to dedicate their entire lives to mastering a skill, questioning the meaning of craft in a rapidly changing urban context.

Bad Student Press[PH] is an independent Risograph publishing, print & design studio founded by two creatives, Pau Tiu & Dyam Gonzales. Being the first and only Risograph Art Press in the Philippines, the studio was started with the desire to empower and support the local DIY publishing community by offering artists with an alternative medium for self-publishing. Bad Student Press aims to promote Risograph printing as an affordable option for artists and small businesses to produce their works without compromising the quality and artistic integrity of their designs. Additionally, the studio encourages and explores printmaking practices in the Philippines and serves as a platform for artists and designers to showcase their works both locally and internationally.

ampulets & Foreign Policy[SG] ampulets is a creative design studio founded by James Teo. It now focuses on making independent art projects.
Foreign Policy is an award-winning design bureau and think tank of artists, scientists, problem-solvers, polymaths, storytellers and strategists translating today's ideas into tomorrow's experiences. Partnering with visionaries to differentiate, innovate and create value through human-centred design and strategic branding, the repetoire of Foreign Policy's capabilities include print, graphic, product design, interactive media, interior design, architecture and marketing consulting.

VISIOUS STUDIO[ID] is a graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Craftmanship is applied through every stage of the design process to create unique and aesthetically strong works. Visious creates brand identities, illustrations, editorial design and digital experiences for a varying list of clients, ranging from multinational to start ups.

GUEARI GALERI[ID] (2014) is a photobook gallery and independent publisher founded and run by Andi Ari Setiadi and Caron Toshiko. Specializing in Indonesian photobooks, Gueari Galeri conducts photobook-making classes (#kelasbukufotoguearigaleri) and photobook discussions (#ngobrolbukufoto).

OHOH Studio[CN] is a place that produces illustrations, art books, videos, and installation art.

The Institute of Critical Zoologists[SG] aims to reconfigure the ways in which natural history and ecological research findings are presented and experienced, taking the natural sciences beyond the confines of the laboratory and research circles.

Coda Culture[SG] (2018) is an independent art space founded by Singapore artist, Seelan Palay. Aiming to provide a space where Singapore artists can practice with freedom and autonomy, the gallery has since programmed a series of solo and group presentations by artists both young and established alike. Promoting a spirit of experimentation, Coda Culture operates with the impulse to push the technical and conceptual limits of its artists. The range of works and exhibitions presented is diverse, and sincerity and care always persist.

yoranhan2people[KR] is a group that consists of Jaeyi Park and Haeji Sim. The group started making Youtube videos in 2018, filming and depicting themselves as who they genuinely are. Taking pictures, writing drunkenly and making their own movies, their works represent the personal confessions of Park and Sim.

Tiny Splendor[US] is a collective Berkeley and Los Angeles publishing press based in California. Founded on the idea of finding a way to share the artwork of friends, while satisfying a love of ink on paper, Tiny Splendor prides itself on continuing to work with artists and friends to create editioned prints, books, apparel, and zines.
NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore[SG] is a leading international art institution, being a platform, host and partner driven by dynamic thinking in its three-fold constellation of: Exhibitions; Residencies Programme; Research and Academic Education. A national research centre of the Nanyang Technological University for contemporary art, the centre focuses on Spaces of the Curatorial. NTU CCA seeks to bring forth innovative and experimental forms of emergent artistic and curatorial practices, exploring their intersections with the present and histories of contemporary art embedded in social-political spheres with other fields of knowledge.

Ujikaji[SG] means “experiment” in Malay, and the independent Singapore music label’s interests lie in the curation of experimental music, with a special focus on Southeast Asian artists and sounds. The label partners independent artists, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of music-making. Recent releases include albums by FEN, Pupa, The Observatory, and Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Ujikaji also co-presents the acclaimed BlackKaji series of experimental sound events, including a one-night takeover of the Kampong Bugis site of the Asian Film Archive's contemporary art show, State of Motion..

Facebook Art Department[SG]has the collective mission to encourage creativity, innovation, openness, and connectivity through art and design. Consisting of the Artist in Residence (AIR) program, as well as the Analog Research Lab (ARL) and Creative Engagement programs, the Analog Lab’s Designer in Residence (DIR) program also collaborates with local designers and illustrators globally to introduce diverse, empathetic, and critical contributions into our culture and conversations.

NUS Press[SG] is the scholarly publishing arm of the National University of Singapore. Specializing in the publication of academic books, electronic resources and journals, NUS Press has a regional focus on Southeast Asia, and a disciplinary focus on the humanities and social sciences.

Currency[SG] is a Singapore-based design studio that offers creative direction and content. Their works span both institutional and independent engagements within arts and cultural contexts, with a keen focus on the visual presentation of thematic and artistic projects across spatial, print and digital formats. Extending from a project’s theoretical underpinnings, Currency seeks to work through contextually informed approaches to produce novel outcomes with an experimental flair.

BASHEER GRAPHIC BOOKS[SG] is a bookstore that specializes in stocking design books and magazines related to Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Product Design, Fashion Design, Art & Craft, Typography, and Photography.

LiANA & KiDG[SG] (Robin Chua) are creatives that come from the different backgrounds of music & design, and art. Bonded over their common love for 80’s rock, GIFs and movies with unpredictable endings, expect creations heavily inspired by pop culture and the vernacular.

The Book Society/mediabus[KR] (2007) is a Seoul-based small publishing house founded by some independent curators with the collaboration of designers. Mediabus produces, publishes and distributes zines & books, organizes exhibitions & events, directs workshops, and carries out project or book commissions for companies & institutions.

Art Sonje Center[KR] (ASJC) is a private art museum based in Seoul. Established in 1998, ASJC also produces publications that contemplates on living in the contemporary era, sharing prospects and visions for a better way of life. ASJC also organizes exhibitions, screenings, performances, various education programs, having published more than 80 books aimed at advancing and sharing contemporary art with the public.

Yichen He[CN] is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Shanghai, China. Having graduated from the University of the Arts London, He focuses on interdisciplinary subjects with her publications.

Third Culture[AU] is an independent publishing house and an online store that features photography related items such as books, zines, apparel, and accessories. Third Culture strives to grow the independent publishing platform, seeking to publish photobooks from unique emerging photographers around the world.

The Film Initiative[SG]is a community of film photographers based in Singapore. Starting out as an interest group for photographers to share their love of film, photo walks and social events are regularly hosted to bring together film photographers. Seeking to reinvigorate interest in film photography as a medium of expression, The Film Initiative advocates for the continued use of film as a medium for photography and art to ensure the sustainability and longevity of film. Through their publications and social media platforms, they showcase the timeless aesthetic of film to show that analogue is still relevant in modern photography.

HOLYCRAP[SG] (2011) is an art collective by a family of 4: Claire, Renn, Aira and Pann. Believing that expression is a form of art and can manifest in many ways, the collective approaches every project and collaboration with a fresh direction. Having held group and solo exhibitions, Holycrap have also published international award winning, RUBBISH FAMzine. Renn (15) and Aira (12) are also one of the youngest creatives who have won The Singapore President’s Design Award, The Singapore Creative Circle Awards, The New York One Show, The British D&AD and The Cannes Design Lions.

BOLIAO CO.[SG] takes silliness seriously. The thoughts, concepts and things we produce are the epitome of being tastefully sillyrious.

5 Press[AU] is a Melbourne-based artist book collective comprised of August Carpenter, Cheralyn Lim, Jaime Powell, Sophie Westerman and Sarah McConnell. The collective was formed to investigate the artist book form through traditional printmaking and bookbinding techniques. Techniques explored include lithography, etching, aquatint, monoprinting, screenprinting, painting, collage and drawing.
5 Press have participated in several major Australian art fairs including the Melbourne Art Book Fair at National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, 2016-2019), Sydney Contemporary (Sydney, 2018-2019), HOB/ART Book Fair (Hobart, 2018), the 6th Artist Books and Multiples Fair (Brisbane, 2017), and Artspace’s Volume Art Book Fair (Sydney, 2015 and 2017).5 Press are represented in a number of private and public Australian collections including the National Library of Australia (Canberra), the State Library of Victoria (Melbourne), the University of Melbourne Lenton Parr Music, Visual and Performing Arts Library (Melbourne) and Bibliotheca Librorum Apud Artificum (Sydney).

THE MANSION // MAGDALENA GACEK[SG] is a Visual Artist and Creative Director based in Singapore. She resided in Warsaw, Porto, Zurich, Paris, Milan and Lausanne before permanently moving to Singapore in 2015. Magdalena holds M.A. in Design from Creative Academy in Milan and B.A. in Design and Visual Communications from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Her work is an exploration into ADAPTATION struggles and triumphs that come in the face of uncontrollable CHANGE. Especially that from a hyper-civilization – overpopulated, overdeveloped, and tech-aggressive.

She predominantly uses the slow medium of film photography to dissect tension between the desire for change and the fear of it. When in everyday life we’re forced to rapidly adjust under the threat of lagging behind, she finds solace and comfort in having full control over her images. The process is enriched by archival negatives, prints and objects, as well as darkroom techniques.

In her recent project “THE MANSION” she settles the scores with the metropolis of Singapore and reclaims peace by finding her ideal habitat.

Plant Press[SG] is a collaboration between Dr. Michele Rodda and Xiang Yun Loh.
Xiang Yun Loh is an artist and scientific botanical illustrator who lives and works in Singapore. Her work interrogates how people relate to nature. Through drawing, painting and photography, she examines how nature is managed and engineered in our cities. Her durational projects map and document plants in our surroundings, and chart the evolving ways we define and relate to nature.

Dr. Michele Rodda is a botanist and printmaker based in Singapore. His scientific work focuses on the systematics and evolution of Southeast Asian plants, with a keen interest in botanical art and history. His current artistic focus is on nature printing. Rodda’s botanical research requires great precision as reflected in his monoprints of tropical plant material.

FFF ZINE[SG] is an Australian-Indonesian annual food and fashion publication. Created by editor Zac Bayly and art director Stacia Hadiutomo, the publication sees the world's tastemakers sharing tips, recipes, delightful conversations, and a feast of mouthwatering imagery, every issue. Available at the Tate Modern, MoMA PS1 and many more, past contributors have included Maisie Williams, Olafur Eliasson and Charli XC. amongst others.

Point of Interest[UK/KR] is an independent publishing house and graphic design studio based in Seoul and London with a focus on current visual culture and spatial issues. The publisher, Ju Hee is the writer of publication, "European Art Book Fairs on the Shelf".

the shop[CN] takes the form of “shop” to communicate and exchange cultural values with the public in the contemporary life environment.

Haptic Editions[TH] (2018) was founded by graphic designers who valued the hands-on process. The studio specializes in craft and design, particularly with the Risograph.

Singapore Art Museum[SG] (SAM) is a contemporary art museum which focuses on art-making and art-thinking in Singapore, Southeast Asia and Asia. SAM advocates and makes accessible interdisciplinary contemporary art. Since it opened in January 1996, SAM has built up one of the most important collections of contemporary art from the region. It seeks to nourish a stimulating and creative space in Singapore through exhibitions, public programmes and education, and research and publications.
SAM’s publications include exhibition and collection catalogues, artist monographs, art historical anthologies, research publications and education kits.

STPI — Creative Workshop and Gallery[SG] (2002) is a creative workshop and contemporary art gallery based in Singapore. A non-profit organisation committed to promoting artistic experimentation in the mediums of print and paper, STPI seeks to help develop Singapore as a leading player in the global contemporary art world by collaborating with top international artists in unique, ground-breaking projects. Through its artist collaborations, artworks, exhibitions and public programmes, STPI engages the international art community, collectors and the Singapore public with the aim of developing an appreciation of print and paper art practice, inspiring the visual arts community on the manifold possibilities.

KITCHEN. LABEL[SG] is a Singapore and Tokyo-based independent record label focusing on releasing music that explores the ground between various strains of ambient, neo-classical and the avant-garde, matched with a carefully honed and distinctive aesthetic. Founded by Singapore-born Ricks Ang in 2008, the label has since grown and extended its base to Japan where it has received wide recognition for its artistic output and thoughtfully designed albums. A bit like the roving eye of the flâneur in Baudelaire, who found solace in the bittersweet juxtapositions of urban life, KITCHEN. LABEL documents momentary flickers of melancholic beauty in unlikely environments. Home to artists haruka nakamura, ASPIDISTRAFLY, Kin Leonn, Hanging Up The Moon, Hior Chronik, sonicbrat and more.

Grey Projects[SG] is a non-profit art space based in Singapore interested in new design practices, writing, curatorial research and art propositions. The space produces publications and generates curatorial and exchange activities. Comprising of a library, residency apartment, studio and two galleries, Grey Projects usually holds exhibitions, talks, residencies, reading groups, and workshops.

External Assessment Summer School Co-op 2019: The Reading List[SG] is an alternative educational platform to the academic institution. Based on the premise of building a community of practices across multiple disciplines rooted in concrete issues, the school is a temporary place where individuals can learn from each others' practices and find new and more novel long-term strategies for sustainability, developing one's agency and gaining a better understanding of one's position in the larger ecology.

AKAAKA Art Publishing[JP] Inc. was founded in 2006 by Kimi Himeno in Japan. Specializing in photography and art, AKAAKA has published more than 200 books over the past 12 years that features a diverse range of Japanese and international artists. AKAAKA's mission is to explore the possibilities of photography, employing the photobook as a vessel to question the essence of photography and understandings of art. In recent years, AKAAKA has also organized slideshow tours and held exhibitions around the world, aiming to not only convey the current state of photographic expression but also provide a stage for the voices of photographers.

Highvolta Media[ID] (2017) is a collective founded in Bandung, Indonesia. The collective mainly dwells on visual art and music based on ways of the underground, exploring topics such as culture, lifestyle and politics amongst others.

browsing copy[SG] is set up as a collaborative investigation between two co-organizers, eight Singapore-based artists, a design studio and a printing press. Questioning what an artist's book can be, the collaboration seeks to explore how objects that are indeterminate and lie between well-defined categories can be conceived, created and circulated.

PRY Press[SG](2019) produces books, prints, multiples, objects and ephemera in open editions that explore the intersections of typography and image through art and design inquiries. They aim to challenge the way images are perceived by playing with objects, materiality, typography.

dmp editions[TW]is a multi-task project hosted by Taipei and Internet-based artists, Shauba Chang and didi. The project consists of publishing, curation, art direction, making art works, eating and napping.

MIT Press[US] is a leading publisher of books and journals at the intersection of science, technology, and the arts. MIT Press books and journals are known for their intellectual daring, scholarly standards, and distinctive design.

frieze Magazine[UK] (1991) is the leading magazine of contemporary art and culture. Based in London, New York and Berlin, freize is published eight times a year, producing essays, reviews and columns by today’s most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators.

ArtReview Asia[UK] (2013) is a quarterly publication that covers art from both the East and the West, and a few places in between. Targeting readership based in Asia and those with an interest in Asia’s art scenes, ArtReview Asia’s writers include some of the leading critics and fiction writers in the region such as award-winning Thai writer Prabda Yoon, and leading Tamil writer Charu Nivedita. Their reviews have an emphasis on shows in Asia or by artists from Asia, and the majority of ARA’s writers and critics are based in the territories they cover. As Asia’s art scenes continuously to develop, ArtReview Asia aims to provide a central and independent platform upon which those contributions can be evaluated and discussed, without restraint or restriction, and in full consciousness of the ideas and contexts in which they have evolved.

Art Asia Pacific[HK] magazine (1993) is the leading English-language periodical covering contemporary art and culture from Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East. Published six times a year, ArtAsiaPacific includes features, profiles, essays and reviews by experts from all over the world. The AAP also posts the latest news, reviews, reports on events in the art world online, including exclusive multimedia content and selections from current and past issues of the magazine.

Meanwhile, ArtAsiaPacific and its sibling organization, the ArtAsiaPacific Foundation, have annually produced a report on the year in art from 53 countries and territories titled,“Almanac”, also publishing books, including exhibition catalogues, artist monographs, and essay collections.

RJ Paper Pte Ltd[SG](est. 1987) is the trusted partner for thousands of designers, creators, artists and makers. Being attentive to materiality and the needs of their customers, RJ Paper is positioned right at the heart of creative communities and their projects.


Kapi Jant[TH] is an illustrator based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. she makes limited edition prints and artist books, taking inspiration from the local landscape and her everyday surroundings, habits and activities.

Benjamin[SG] is a group of creatives working within the format of a digital studio. The nine of us are scattered across different geographical locations and conceptual/theoretical standpoints, and meet fortnightly to share our progress and discuss ideas on Skype. We each commit to a new project within the studio, where our varied educational and physical contexts lend themselves to eclectic discussions, explorations, and ideas. It is an experiment in establishing an identity and way of working mediated and made possible only by technology and the digital. Online articles, links, files, and images litter our chat as we share references and anything tangentially related.

WU SHEN LIN PUBLISHING[US] hails from the freezing Midwest and sunny California.
(吴)Jessica Goh is a kindergarten teacher who steals souls from children.
(沈) Ethan Sim is an unlicensed comic artist and treasurer of the Locomotive Lovers’ Society.
(林), Megan Lim is a cardboard sculptor who‘s the star of her own TV show, Megan’s World.
Established in 2019, WU SHEN LIN makes zines, stickers and prints about home and identity.

MEANTIME[SG] is a collection of love stories from Singapore’s past. The zine documents stories that have been lost to time. It restores to memory the people, events and developments that history forgot, through the fresh and fascinating lens of love stories. In the first issue: A migrant couple runs a photo studio that helps foreign workers get an arranged marriage; A descendant of the orang laut finds his soulmate in the village where he grew up; A woman falls in love with a Japanese soldier during World War II, leaving behind a war baby who spends half a lifetime tracing her roots.Revisit these lesser-known histories through family photographs and personal memories about love. MEANTIME has been described by the UK’s Stack Magazine as “a love letter to Singapore and its people, and a beautiful and touching piece of print". These are our love stories – and our shared human experience.

Three's A Crowd[SEA] is a collective of three Southeast Asian identities—from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We met while studying in the US three years ago. Our works, not unlike us fully fledged individuals living in different countries, capture our unique experiences spanning across these cultures. These memories are personal, yet universal. Room Next Door (Singapore) captures wistful poetry dedicated to one single delicate moment, vulnerable just as the flickering ink of Suminagashi. Eating Your Feelings (Malaysia) is an edible ode to all of life's moments from the everyday to the milestones. Born out of a heart-to-heart between two friends. Where the emotions were turned into flavors, then crafted into recipes for recreation. Men I Never Knew (Thailand) is a small snippet of stories from personal diaries, sketches and journals—capsules of memories meant to be lost, of places she’s been and people she’s met or regret not meeting.[SG]  is a group of five teenagers exploring, experiencing and experimenting in this modern era. New to the zine community, we enter with optimism and excitement. With different perspectives, backgrounds and values, we lay them out on individual zines creating a narrative that explains what we stand for, what we believe in and what we have learned. The collection is playing on the theme of “relatability” where readers can distinguish and recognise themselves to at least one of the few characters from Although many called us “naive, young and immature teenagers” we display our works of art through different mediums with pride and convictions; through poetry, painting, collages, photography and writing. We are displaying contrasting opinions, beliefs, art styles and mediums while still being cohesive as a group in terms of how each contrast easily complements each other. This collection shows short snippets into the minds of the kids that makes

Scong[SG] A slave to the construction industry by day, a doodle noodle hero by night. Taking up the moniker of SCONG, I doodle noodle to create illustrations that matter to me and hopefully to you as well. SCONG represents my rebellion against the sham and drudgery of a terrible profession!!! My doodles are largely revolve around sexy imaginations of Brazilian Jiujitsu, the mysterious freak parade, Journey to the west, comic books, computer games and Cats. I have them compiled in little zines so come check them out.

Junel Che Fujinuki[SG] is an independent Singaporean Illustrator and exhibiting artist based in Yokohama, Japan. A self-taught illustrator, her work includes editorial, packaging, social media to textile illustration, corporate workshops, restaurant murals to book illustration for clients in Japan and globally. Fluent in both Japanese and English, she collaborates with brands to conduct multilingual creative workshops for both corporate and the public audience.When she’s not working on projects, you can find her coaching private watercolour workshops, exploring rural Japan with her love for nature, retro architecture and food while making travel zines out of her trips and adventures.

Lynn Tachihara[JP]Born in Chiba, Japan + raised in Singapore. rin has explored multiple mediums including painting, sculpture, videos - investigating their relationship to the virtual space. but when the thoughts get too convoluted, it always comes back to the trusty materialization of the zine. I gather here with friends and collaborators, old and new, that i love and respect. We are committed to exploring lingering and unresolved ideas of presence/absence in our own respective ways + hope to uplift voices that are often left in the dark in a world of art and expression. Sincerity is not dead and we should learn to laugh at ourselves more often.

Yukan Sundot[TH]

FOREIGNALIEN PRESS[SG] is a voice of difference. We, the others, are taking control of our narratives, dismantling the reified norms of MAN-made society along the way. Because who decided to draw these boundaries? Who made them feel so real, so vast; rooted beneath the surface, a cavernous chasm piercing dark depths? Who carved them deep deep into our minds, our bodies, that when we slip into the void ravine, we dance lost?Ruminations on identity; we stomp on borders to wear out these oppressive boundaries, creating rank rhythms that shatter the veil of ignorance. Continuously being transplanted yet trying to rewild, we cultivate green garden jungles to root our foreign bodies.Two alien sisters currently run the press.

Gabbi Wanyi Ayane[SG] (she/they/he) makes poetry, art and comics. They are the founder and organiser of Queer Zinefest Singapore, Singapore's first-ever platform for queer indie publishers, writers and artists. Gabbi is curious about the ways different perspectives and disciplines can intertwine. They are currently pursuing a joint degree in Art and Drama at Bath Spa University. In their spare time, gabbi likes pole dancing, yelling about LGBTQIA+ rights, and talking about herself in the third person.

Raksasa Print Studio[KL]is an independent artist collective based in Kuala Lumpur, formally established in 2014, and first conceived when the two founders (Jane Stephanny and Julienne Tan) met while at college. Since then, the collective has expanded further; this group of Malaysian and international artists specialises in silkscreen printing, etching, and other related techniques. Aside from hosting occasional printing workshops, Raksasa’s artists primarily focus on creating art prints, zines and illustrated books, covering wide-ranging topics that tend to be surreal, sometimes grotesque, and always bizarre. While each artist in the collective has their own unique style, their shared sense of humour means their many collaborations for shows and exhibitions always feel like a natural fit. Raksasa has created a number of new zines and books that are debuting at the 2019 Singapore Art Book Fair.

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